Qantas introduces iPads on flights

Those who are availing services of Qantas’ Boeing 767 will now get pampered with refreshed interiors and inflight entertainment technology, Q Streaming.

Q Streaming uses onboard WiFi throughout the aircraft to stream entertainment programs direct to iPads in every seat supplied by Qantas.


The use of Q Streaming on board flights to Honolulu follows the successful introduction of the technology on B767 services across the Qantas domestic network – forming part of the wider B767 refresh program.

The B767 fleet’s cabin interiors now refurbished with a modern design that includes leather seat covers in Business and a new look and feel in the Economy cabin. New carpet, lighting, curtains and cabin dividers are among newly added features.

Executive Manager of International Customer Experience Alison Webster said the airline was delighted to introduce Q Streaming to customers travelling on refreshed B767 flights to Honolulu.

Q Streaming is highly popular with Qantas customers on the domestic circuit and we are now happy to offer it to our customers travelling to Honolulu, He has been quoted as saying.

He said that the entertainment options are introduced keeping in view the fact that average customers spend about 80 per cent of a long haul flight using in-flight entertainment, so providing entertainment options to customers on flights to Honolulu with the option to choose what they watch and when, will add a new dimension to their on board experience.

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