Festivals in Thailand – Where Celebrations Refuse to Cease

Adoringly flanked by Andaman Sea and Gulf of Thailand, the south Asian country of Thailand is a tourist destination that attracts tourists and backpackers from around the world. The reasons for their hoping flights to Thailand are explicit; the country is home to sparkling beaches, glittering shopping malls and to an extent naughty nightlife. But most of the tourists fail to capture its understated culture that appears at its vibrant best during festivals.

So when you get tired of razzle-dazzle of Bangkok and bustling nightlife of Pattaya look for a change and see festivals in Thailand from close quarters that are better representative of its culture.

Thailand’s Cultural Collage: 


Chinese New Year – Feb 10, 2013

As a large number of people of Chinese descent call Thailand home, the Chinese New Year is celebrated with great fun and vitality.  Most of the celebrations take place in Chinatown. So if you are in Bangkok on February 10, visit Chinatown for an authentic experience.

Makha Bucha:

It is the occasion when Thai people visit temple and do merit making work there. The spirit of the festival is to keep away from sins, do only good things and have right thinking.


Chakri Day:

Celebrated on April 6 every year, the day marks the founding of Chakri Dynasty to which present king belongs.

Songkran Festival 

Celebrated from April 13-15 this festival marks Thai traditional New Year. It is one of the most popular festivals in Thailand.


Coronation Day:

Coronation Day is celebrated as a remembrance of ruling monarch. Royal Ploughing Ceremony Day and Visakha Bucha are other festivals celebrated in May.


Asahara Bucha:  The festival is celebrated to mark the occasion when Buddha delivered his first sermon to his five disciples.

Khao Phansa is another major festival celebrated this month.


Queen’s birthday: – Aug 12

Queen’s birthday is celebrated every year on August 12. The festival is also called as Mother’s Day.


Awk Phansa and Chulalongkorn Day are major festivals celebrated this year.


King’s birthday:

Observed on December 5thevery year, the birthday of King Bhumibol Adulyadej is celebrated as Father’s in country.

Constitution Day:

Constitution Day is observed on December 10, every year. It was the day on which Thai constitution was enacted in the year 1932.

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