Thailand Flights – Your Ticket to Best Kept Secrets

A large number of people desire to wind up their work and head for a tourist destination, to escape the daily routine, and enjoy the pleasure of doing nothing. But only few take steps to transform their dream into reality.  A large number of them want to land at a destination where there is no strings attached on their pleasure. For those fun loving souls Thailand is a tailor made destination. Flights to Thailand takes to a destination where, there are a large number of options to choose from – glittering nightlife, silver sandy beaches, drool-inducing food options, places of ecotourism and lots more.

Thailand unveils as a treasure trove that offers something to everyone. There are some features of this magical land which is least explored. Flights to Thailand award you an opportunity to dig out these hidden jewels of country which will surely leave you spell bound.  So leave behind the razzle-dazzle of capital city Bangkok and explore the places with a raw appeal.

Scenic Journey through Thailand:

(1) To get one of a kind experience the visitors can hop on overnight ferry from Chumphon to Ko Tao where twinkling stars will be one of the companions.

(2)  You can have rewarding experience while travelling on Mahachai Shortline Train as the train pierces through forests and marshland, giving a peek into the Thai terrain.

(3) Your visit to Mae Sa–Samoeng loop is going to be a bumpy one as this mountain is embellished with high and low points.

(4)  Board a bus from Kanchanaburi to Sangkhlaburi as it takes you to the hinterlands and mountains.

(5) Chiang Rai is an excellent destination for hill tribe trekking.

(6)  Tourists visit Chiang Mai for incredible cycling experience in the heart of Lama Culture.

Besides, the regular tourist destination like Pattaya, Phuket and other will be there to pamper you. So grab the best deals on flights to Bangkok from London and sneak a glance at best kept secrets of Thailand.

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