What to do in Johannesburg

Johannesburg or Jozi is a world- class African city. It is a vibrant equitable African city that provides sustainability for all its citizens as well as visitors. It is one of the largest city and by far the most powerful economic hub on African continent. Gold is still of vital importance, although there are no longer any mines within the city center. For the visitors of Johannesburg the difficulty lies not in finding something to do, but in choosing all exciting options as the city has something for everyone. To enjoy its myriad attractions , nightlife, entertainment options and fine dining , just book flights departing from London to Johannesburg and get ready to enjoy a fun-filled holidays.

Johannesburg is a booming, happening city and once bitten by the vibe of Jozi, you’re going to want to come back again. If you are in the city then there are few things that you can’t afford to miss. Few of must see and do things in Johannesburg include:-

Do visit Johannesburg Art Gallery, which is perhaps the most important museum of fine arts in Africa. It contains remarkable works by masters like Picasso, Rodin and Degas along with native artists from South Africa are some of the manifest in the museum as well.

Avoid turning your holiday into a series of missed destinations.

Do visit Soweto which is the largest township in the country and is synonymous with anti-apartheid resistance. The township has a soul and it is almost essential to do a township tour. The major attractions of this tour include:

Walter Sisulu Square of Dedication which is also known as Freedom   Square where the freedom charter was signed in 1955, marking the start of struggle for liberation.

 The Hector Pieterson Museum is also worth visit, commemorating the children who died in the Soweto uprising in 1976-77.

 Mandela Museum-“Another landmark building of Soweto” is the home of Nelson Mandela which he shared with his first wife Winnie.

Soweto is much more than this as it is a living breathing place full of life , laughter, music and of course good food. To get the glimpses of this breathing place book flight tickets to Johannesburg to arrive in this most happening city of South Africa.

Shopping in Johannesburg:

No tour to Johannesburg is complete without indulging in shopping.  Besides various shopping malls, visitors can enjoy shopping at Rose bank Rooftop Flea Market which is a great place to find a wide selection of African crafts.  Besides this some notable shopping malls of city include Sandston City, Northgate, East gate four ways etc.

I think these are the destinations that you will not want to miss if you are visiting Johannesburg for one day business tour. I will explore more of other destinations in my next article… So Be Continue with Us.

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