Types of Travel Insurance that a Traveller must Know

Travel is fun and in today’s world where everything is so unpredictable don’t leave your house without insurance. Shopping for travel insurance can seem daunting because there are so many insurance companies, offering so many policies along with countless choices that it is very difficult to find which travel policy is best for us. It is indeed very hard to know what kind of insurance policy is best for a particular trip. So let’s share some valuable tips that may help you to find the type of travel insurance you need for your trip or trips.

Various type of travel insurance that offer great benefits to different type of travellers include:-
Honeymoon Travel Insurance:- You want your honeymoon is supposed to be memorable for all right reasons. Honeymoon travel insurance ensures the coverage of unforeseen situations that can occur on a honeymoon trip. Some unexpected things that can spoil your honeymoon include, A week before your departure to your honeymoon destination and it is wiped by some natural calamity, On the way you to meet your cruise and your flight gets delayed and you miss your connection, your partner get ill while trying some adventurous activity, or in worst cases the wedding is called off and you don’t want to lose all your pre-paid trip costs. At that time some of the honeymoon Insurance coverage can help you out these include Trip cancellation coverage, Adventure coverage, Missed connection coverage, Medical coverage, Cancel for any reason coverage, Travel assistance service etc work like a great rescuer for you on your honeymoon.

Senior Citizen Travel Insurance:- Travelling for senior citizens is quite a risky venture as they are more fragile than a young one. Seniors with or without medical conditions, need the right senior travel insurance coverage which help them to bear financial losses. Some risks for senior citizen travellers include a Medical emergency, Tour cancellation, have to be evacuated, Luggage is stolen or Need a help or advice. The Insurance can help the senior citizens by providing them the Medical coverage, Baggage coverage, Evacuation coverage or Financial default coverage etc are quite useful to senior travellers.

Student Travel Insurance:- If you are a student and whether you are studying in your own country or abroad then Student Insurance protects you from accidents, illness and theft that occur at anytime. Having a good international student insurance plan provides a student a great protection to avoid huge financial losses. Some benefits that they can avail with Student travel insurance are Medical and Dental coverage, Trip interruption coverage, Emergency evacuation coverage, Travel Assistance services etc which provides them great benefits.

Business Travel Insurance:- For business travellers the main concern is timing along with personal safety and medical care , if they travel abroad. Some unexpected things that go wrong on a business trip include you fall seriously ill on your trip and need to be evacuated, you plan a visit to get to an important business event that gets cancelled at last minute, your luggage is stolen, some natural disaster delay your flights etc. In such cases you need business travel insurances that can help you include Medical and dental coverage, emergency evacuation /repatriation coverage, trip cancellation coverage, travel delay coverage, baggage coverage, Emergency travel assistance service etc are few of them. Having the right travel insurance can be a huge benefit that’s worth the investment

Family Travel Insurance:- Family travel insurance is must if you travel with your family . Whether you are flying or diving; there are chances of some unexpected things that can go wrong on a family trip, like your child get sick, your rental car is stolen, you get hospitalized, your home may get burgled while you‘re away, or any time you need help or advice, then there are some insurance coverage that you need for a family trip. Medical coverage, Travel Cancellation coverage, Car rental coverage, Travel Assistance coverage and Evacuation/repatriation coverage are most useful for those travelling with a family.


Missionaries and volunteers Insurance:- Whether you’re travelling for a short missionary or on a voluntary work a good travel policy can help you to avoid unforeseen events that could cost you a significant amount of money. Some unexpected things that come up in your way on doing missionary work include you met with an accident while helping others, you need immediate medical assistance, trip is cancelled due to government travel restrictions, your bags are missing, as a frequent flyer you want your family safe back home at that time the insurance policy may provide you great help in medical assistance, trip cancellation coverage, baggage coverage, Accidental death and dismemberment coverage etc.

So buying a travel policy doesn’t mean that you can’t face any unforeseen circumstances but it saves you greatly from its aftereffects.

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