Enjoy your journey with a best seat on the plane

Airplane sitting is probably the last thing that most of the passengers choose. The main preferences while booking a seat is to secure the cheapest airline ticket or the best value ticket based on travel itinerary. But with all this you are just in halfway to a great flying experience. Now the time comes to select the seat for which everybody has different priorities. Different airlines fly different aircrafts and each of them has its own airplane seating configuration and amenities.

Many travellers leave their seat assignments to chance but for others it makes sense. There are good seats for different purposes, so people have different preferences. Some people swear by window seat which is good for sightseeing and sleeping while the Aisle seats have different considerations they let you stretch your legs once in a while without disturbing the other seatmates. Bulkhead seats are good choice for kids and seats near the emergency exists really must go to competent adults who will take the time to figure out how to use them.


Here I am going to share some valuable tips for finding the best airplane seat

Get to know the aircraft:- First of all get to know about your aircraft. There are several websites which clearly display the relative position of every seat for every aircraft model. The comments listed on these websites also guide new passengers. So study them carefully before booking to avoid a hassle free journey. Try to avoid seats near gallery and rest rooms if possible.

Remember not all the aircrafts offer same services:- If you have found out your flight in a specific type of aircraft then do remember the fact that all the airlines won’t have same seating arrangements . For example Japan Airlines has different First Class configuration while the American Airline has different. So don’t compare them and look the seat maps provided by websites to get the clear idea of right configuration and the best seats.

Think twice before asking for the Exit Row:- The common belief among passengers is that exit row seat is probably the best seat in coach but at the same times it can be worst also. If an aircraft has two exit doors ,one behind the other than , never pick the first exit row because the exit row seats may have a little more leg room and they usually have less width. This is to accommodate the tray table that must be tide away in the armrest instead of behind the seat in front.

They save the best for their elite flyers- Most airlines generally hold back certain seats for assignment to their elite frequent flyers and if these seats are not assigned then only released at the airport just before the flight time. These seats mostly include seats at the front of the coach cabin and exit row seats. If you are not happy with your seat then ask at the airport when you check-in. May be if one of the blocked seat is available.

Confirm your seat at check-in:- Most airlines allow passengers to check-in online 24 hours before the departure of their flights. At that point you can confirm that seat you’ve already chosen or even select the better one.


Join a frequent flier program:- For frequent passengers joining a flier program is the first step in getting the best seat in the plane. The more you rack in miles, the more you have the advantage of selecting the most suitable seat for you. It is also the most reliable way of getting the best in an airplane all year round.

Buy your tickets early:- With an aim to attract passengers many airlines give passengers a chance of selecting the best seats if they book early. So check the websites or keep in touch with travel agents as more you delay more the chances of not getting the choicest seat.

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