How to Save Money to Enjoy Air Travel

Compared to the old days, saving on air travel is now more possible than ever. Today there are more air carriers to choose from and they offer widely differing fares to your destination. They change constantly not just day-to -day but sometimes almost minute-to-minute even within the same carrier. It may be possible that a passenger sitting next to you may have paid more fare than you or you may have paid much more than they did. So let’s try these valuable air travel tips that save your valuable bucks.

Book well in advance:- If you know your travel dates and destination in advance , then book flights early. This early booking can slash your costs considerably. Some airlines offer special deals very close to the travel dates due to last minute cancellations or unsold seats. If this happens to you, check with the airline and see if you can get a rebate on price difference.
Avoid baggage fees:- Never pay for luggage. If you are taking family on vacation and carry lots of luggage, then you could add hundreds of dollars to your trip. There are no airline imposed restrictions of the weight of your carry-on bag. If you’re at a risk of incurring an excess baggage fee, then cram as much as possible in your hand luggage. Pack less and buy clothes when you get there. Save on food by carrying your own snacks this will surely save money by not buying expensive airport food or pricey airline snacks.

Be Flexible:- Certain time of day or week are in higher demand due to heavy business travel. Booking a flight in the middle of week usually results in lower fares. If you are heading for a popular holidays destination then weekends are comparatively more expansive than travelling during the week. Be flexible and compare prices first and then try to fit your travel plans accordingly.

Travel in low season:- Try to make your travel plans during low season. Travel off-season and you’ll sure find better bargains. With this you get cheapest flights and less crowded destinations.

Get the right credit card:- Most standard credit and debit cards will charge you a fee of 2-3% every time you make a purchase or withdraw cash overseas. Take a huge amount of cash is also not a good option due to safety reasons. Take a good look at your credit card and check whether it charges a “foreign transaction fee”. By checking it in advance you can save a good amount of money.

Avoid roaming while travelling:- Buy an international service plan to enjoy talking with your near and dear ones. Have a dig around in your phone’s setting and make sure roaming is switched off to avoid huge bills or call your service provider and make sure international data usage is blocked.

Choose Connecting flights:- If time is not a constraint , then you can save considerably by booking connecting flights to your destination. Enter your starting and ending point and choose the number of stops you are willing to make. Compare these prices with direct flights and usually you find considerable savings by choosing connecting flights.

Rent a vacation home – If you are staying at a particular destination for few days, than consider a vacation home, a hostel or an apartment instead of hotels. They are often more comfortable and probably cheaper.
vacation-home-Carlton-LeisureConsider another airport:- Find out about all the airports that are near your destination city. You might be able to fly into a smaller airport or neighboring city at a much lower rate. It may work out cheaper, even with the cost of a train or bus ticket to reach the alternative airport.

Avail age, student and members discounts:- Many attractions like theme parks, amusement parks, museums, art exhibitions offer huge discounts for senior citizens, students and kids . If you are travelling remember to take your ID and membership cards that might qualify you for these.

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