A unique and crazy festival Las Falls

Las Falls a unique and crazy festival of Spain is annually celebrated in the middle of Mediterranean Coast Valencia City, to mark the final days of winter and arrival of spring with spectacular fires and pyrotechnics from 15th March 2013 to 19th March 2013.Las Falls is dedicated to St Joseph, the patron saint of carpenters and started as a custom of burning the waste from woodworker’s workshop.


Whole city is decked with colorful ninots, giant papier-mâché figures that satires a political figure, a soap star, a sports idol, an exotic creature or simply an imagination are paraded on the streets during Las Falls week and on the last day burnt on immense fires accompanied by spectacular firework. So, catch flights to Spain and take part in this crazy festival which is indeed the best firework fiesta in the world.

Besides the burning of ninots, there is myriad of other activities during the fiesta. Guests can enjoy an extensive roster or bullfights, parades, paella contests and beauty pageants around the city. The other highlight of the festival is the daily mascletá which occurs in Plaza Ayuntamiento at exactly 2pmwhen the string-lined firecrackers are ignited that literally shake the floor for next ten minutes is truly spectacular.

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