Jerez Feria – a great show of famous horses of Jerez

From 5th May 2013 to 12th May 2013 , get ready for Spain’s world famous sherry producing town , Jerez de la Frontera , that plays host to the most prestigious equine heritage event of Europe , the ‘feria del caballo’. It attracts thousands of visitors each year to witness and participate in one of the biggest street parties in Spain. Jerez is the home to some of the grandest families in the region and their wealth enabled the landowners to invest in impressive studs and bull-breeding farms that can be seen dotted around this beautiful old city.


Take flights to Spain to catch the glimpses of The Jerez Horse Fair which is an exciting and lively event that brings the entire city to the Gonzalo Hontoria Fairgrounds, which cover 52,000 square meters, giving ample space for the finest horses to Jerez to show off their moves to the crowds. The opening of the feria is an official event initiated by the Mayor of Jerez. In the evenings a massive firework display which is followed by the big switch of the impressive feria lights.

Usually the mornings hosts all kinds of horse related activities such as high school dressage, carriage competitions, international show-jumping competitions, vaulting, livestock exhibition and auctions. The major highlight of the fair is undoubtedly the “Como Bailan los Caballos Andaluces” or Dancing Andalusian Horses which is performed by the world famous Royal Equestrian School of Art.

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