Experience the Vibrant Colours of Festivals in Manila

Festivals offer an interesting peek into the tradition and cultures of a country. And if it is a city like Manila, the celebrations never come to an end. With its culturally diverse population, the city poses as a fountainhead of festivals. Tourists looking for a trip to Manila book their flight tickets to Manila so that they can get the advantage of seeing the interesting festivals from close quarters.

The city of Manila celebrates a number of festivals round the year. From the beginning of the year to the end, the city’s calendar remains jam-packed with the events.

New Year’s Day:
This important festival of Manila is marked by parades and celebrations.

Bamboo Organ Festival:
This highly popular festival is held over a week at St. Joseph’s Church with music recitals of various genres on its famous Bamboo Organ.

Philippine International Jazz and Arts Festival:
The festivals also referred as the PI JazzFest is celebrated with live jazz music and concerts. The festival is celebrated in the month of March.

Philippine International Jazz and Arts FestivalFlores de Mayo:
The festival is celebrated in the months of May in the honour of the Virgin Mary. An array of services and events are perfumed on this occasion.

flores de mayo festival philippinesNational Heroes Day:
National Heroes Day is celebrated on the fourth Monday of August. National holiday is observed on this occasion.

National Heroes Day PhilippinesThose interested to have a better understanding of the culture of city should board a London-Manila flight and discover the various faces of its culture.

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