KLM introduces biofuel in flights

Dutch carrier KLM has introduced biofuel in its flights. The airline will use a mix of biofuel and traditional kerosene in its flights.


The biofuel operated service will operate every Thursday on flight KL642, using a B777-200 aircraft inscribed with the words “We fly on biofuel”. The carrier will operate a series of weekly flights to Amsterdam Schiphol.

It is not stated how long the initiative will continue, but airline a statement issued from KLM said that its shows that sustainable biofuel in the airline industry is here to stay.

The biofuel flights are a result of combined effort and expanded cooperation between KLM, Schiphol Group, Delta Air Lines, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and by contributions of KLM’s partners in the Corporate BioFuel Programme.

Previous year, the airline operated the world’s longest flight using biofuel, when it flew between Amsterdam and Rio de Janeiro to mark the Rio +20 conference on sustainable development.

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