Nyepi a New Year celebration at Bali

Every religion or culture all over the world has their own way to celebrate New Year so as the Bali in Indonesia. The Balinese New Year is marked with Nyepi Day. Nyepi means Silence and Nyepi Day means “Silent Day”. Take flights to Bali and take part in Nyepi that make Bali special, and it is one of the most unique holiday in the world.


Usually the Nyepi fall in mid-March following the Hindu lunar calendar and it begins the Saka year in the month of Chaitra (March). The New Year celebrations begin two days before Nyepi and goes on for four days. On first day, a cleansing ritual takes place. On this day people bathe their household deity and themselves in the ocean and seek the blessings of ocean god Varuna.

On next day Tawur Kesanga or Tawur Agung takes place when the effigy of evil Bhutta Kala is burnt. The third day is Nyepi, the New Year. On this day, everybody in Bali remains at home including non Hindus, foreigners and visitors. There will be local officer on duty to ensure everybody obeys the prohibition.

The main purpose of this festival is to pray to God to keep this world in harmony and for self introspection on values. It is celebrated as a day of silence and no activity, a day of contemplate and cleanse the mind and body.The fourth day Ngembak Geni is spent in prayers. This is also a day when family and friends gather to meet and celebrate.

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