The Inimitable Jaipur Elephant Festival

The unique Jaipur Elephant Festival is an annual event held annually at Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan. The festival is organized according to Indian calendar on full mood day of Phagun Purnima (February/March). This year the festival falls on 26th March 2013. The day coincides with the day of Holika Dahan, just a day before Dulendi, when Holi, one of the greatest festivals of colors celebrated all over India with full joy and enthusiasm.


If you are fun loving, a bit adventurous and keen to experience and explore various aspects of this colorful country then do take flights to Jaipur, as it is the perfect time. During this festival, well groomed, elegantly decorated rows of elephants do a catwalk before enthralled audience like the best fashion models walk on the ramp which is truly spectacular. Staged at Rambagh Polo Ground, Jaipur , elephants put up variety of programs and the whole atmosphere become alive with the performances of dancers and musicians.

Tourists from various parts of the world along with locals electrifies the whole atmosphere and witness this grand fiesta where an impressive procession of tastefully attired, glittering ornamented majestic animals becomes showstoppers.

All the participants are female elephants and they wear anklets to make the music as they walk. Finally some lucky tourists are invited to mount the elephants and play Holi. The whole atmosphere turned out to be jovial, full of fun and exhilaration.

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