Magical Desert Festival of Jaisalmer

If you think about desert festival then wait till you see the fiesta at Jaisalmer which is a colorful, joyous celebration of rich cultural heritage of exuberant and vibrant state of Rajasthan in India. Get ready for all this fun and excitement that begins from 23rd February 2013 to 25th February 2013. During this three- day long festival, the empty sands around Jaisalmer come alive with dance, music, colorful attires, laughter and handicraft fairs, etc.


Organized by Rajasthan State Tourism Corporation, the festival has some really interesting competitions, including Mr. Desert pageant, turban-tying contest and a best-moustache contest which are quite popular among locals as well as foreigners.

Catch flights to Jaipur from London and then local bus or train to take part in this cultural extravaganza where besides the food and music various cultural events like camel rides, processions, camel polo and even camel-tug-of-war are also among the major attractions of festival.

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