2013 Paragliding and Africa Choral Festivals in Accra to start soon

Mrs Elizabeth Ofosu Agyare, Minister of Tourism, on Monday launched the 2013 paragliding and Africa Choral Festivals with focus on popularising domestic and international tourism in Accra.


The eighth paragliding festival named as ‘Okwawu 2013’ is supposed to start on March 29 to April 1, 2013, while the second African Choral Festival named ‘Africa sing aloud’, would kick off on April 5 and conclude on April 7.

Mrs Ofosu Agyare is of the opinion that these festivals would offer a good platform to highlight the tourism potentials of the destination saying the paragliding festival specifically had given an impetus to tourism to the Kwahu area and raised the significance of the Kwahu Easter celebrations.

She also added that paragliding pilots have also been invited and hence visitors are set to take pleasure in the paragliding experience, to add spice to the event there would be activities like adventure hikes, musical shows and street carnivals. The event expects huge tourist’s arrival to Accra.

The African Choral Festival is new as it only started in 2012. The festival is aimed to make popular African Choral music as an art form through which culture and music would be shared globally.

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