Fusion Festival- A celebration of art and music

Far away from everyday life from 27th June 2013 to 30th June 2013, come and celebrate 4 days on a former Russian military airfield , near the city of Lärz north of Germany, as FUSION arises. It is one of the biggest holiday camps all over the Northern hemisphere. It is the festival where all styles of the underground electronic music scene come together and provides a space where people go to free their minds from everyday life, studies, jobs and other responsibilities.


Book flights to Germany and take part in this musical extravaganza that blends artistic disciplines including music, theater, cinema and interactive installations into one festival. The festival is a major attraction among individuals from all walks of life united by individual freedom and free of boundaries and prejudice.

Every year Fusion Festival brings together famous top acts to perform with an impressive line-up of artists from all corners of the world which makes it a pilgrimage destination for music enthusiasts. Thousands of happy music fans arrive at the event venue to enjoy nonstop partying and best of entertainment.

Don’t miss this premier music event in Europe and one of the most famous festivals in the world.

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