Cathay Pacific plans to fly Bahrain

Cathy Pacific, the international flag carrier of Hong Kong is one of the first airlines to fly into Bahrain nearly 40 years ago along with BOAC and Qantas is planning to resume its daily services next year. The airline currently operates four weekly flights to Bahrain from its hub Hong Kong. According to Thomas Bellamy, the airlines newly appointed country manager for Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Offline Middle East, Bahrain’s economy and regional activities were on the upswing which has led to discussions on expansion in service. Two of the airline’s weekly flights from Bahrain to Hong Kong are via Riyadh and two are direct. The country manager repeats Cathy Pacific’s long-term commitment to the Kingdom and the local community.

cathay-pacificAccording to Unitag Group founder, chairman and chief executive Jamil Wafa, the man who is responsible for getting the airline to fly to Bahrain, welcomed the move. He strongly recommended Bahrain and managed to convince the administration here that the only way to position Bahrain as a hub was to allow more airlines to fly in and get connected with the world. It is worth nothing that Bahrain International Airport gave Cathy the gateway to operate into Europe and Gulf region. This could not have been possible if the Bahrain Government had not opened the door for them.

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